Car exchange


Tauf-Auto offers you a possibility to exchange your current car for a newer one or for a car of a different make. If you cannot find a suitable car from the list of available cars, you can also order a car.
» In order to exchange your car:

  • Make an appointment with a sales consultant to perform an evaluation of your car
  • Bring the car’s technical documents with you
  • The sales consultant will make you an offer based on the test drive, visual observations, and a technical inspection.

Your current vehicle can also act as a downpayment for a new leasing contract

  • We will evaluate and swap your car regardless of its age or make. The only requirements are that the car is in a working condition and has a normal wear
  • If necessary, we will help you with end or modify the sales and lease contracts
  • If you do not agree with our offered price, you can set up a fixed time period during which the car will be on sale at the price set by you
  • The car sale advertisement will be posted on car sales websites,

If the price offered by us does not satisfy you, it may be due to our risk evaluation and obligations we must assume.
1) Used cars must be given a commercial appearance, and some parts may have to be changed. This can be relatively costly.
2) When selling a used car, market demands and price changes must be taken into account.
3) When selling a used car, we assume the obligation to offer the buyer a certain warranty.
Feel free to ask our sales consultants for more information! Together we will find the best solution to exchange your car.
Mon–Fri 9:00–17:00, Tel.: +372 730 0868 or email info(at)