Commission sale


Tauf-Auto AS will help you sell your used vehicle. We have over 15 years of experience and own the largest indoor car sales park in South Estonia. We are certain that with our help, you will find a buyer for your vehicle. Bring your car to us, we will examine it and agree on an optimum sale price together.
Commission sale prices:

  1. Sales fee in the indoors car park: 5% of the final sales price, minimum fee €300
  2. Storage fee: (if the owner decides to remove the car from sale) €2/day + €50 advertising fee
  3. Storage fee: (if the owner decides to remove the car from sale) €1/day + €50 advertising fee

NB! Commission and storage fees are not summed up. If a buyer is found for the vehicle, only the commission fee must be paid. If a buyer is not found and the owner decides to remove the car from sale, storage and advertising fees must be paid. Our commission sale services:

  • We will exhibit your vehicle in our indoor or outdoor car sales park.
  • We will take photos of your vehicle and post them in all major Estonian car sales and advertising websites.
  • We will present your vehicle to potential buyers.
  • We will ensure that the price of the car is competitive on the market compared to other similar offers.
  • We will inform you about offers made for your vehicle twice a month.
  • We will help you sign a contract of purchase and sale.

We will also help the buyers:

  • We will provide lease conditions to the buyers
  • We will draw up an offer for the buyer and present it to the lease department
  • We will help the buyer sign a lease contract
  • We will help the buyer find a suitable car insurance company for insuring the car
  • If possible, we will buy the vehicle that the buyer offers in exchange for your vehicle.
  • In our car sales park, your car will be insured against theft, fire, natural disasters and vandalism.

Upon request:
we will perform a technical inspection to your car and add a mention of in the sales adverts. If The price of the technical inspection is €96 which is payable upon signing the contract of commission. The inspection is performed by Aasta Auto AS.
We will ensure that your car is clean and in good working condition.