Extended warranty


Extended warranty period Cubature Package
  GOLD+Air suspension GOLD
6 0-1000 cc 312.34 218.68
6 1001-1400 cc 318.50 224.84
6 1401-1700 cc 332.36 238.70
6 1701-2000 cc 353.92 260.26
6 2001-3000 cc 367.78 274.12
6 3001 cc++ 401.66 308.00
12 0-1000 cc 501.48 314.16
12 1001-1400 cc 510.72 323.40
12 1401-1700 cc 529.20 341.88
12 1701-2000 cc 558.46 371.14
12 2001-3000 cc 576.94 389.62
12 3001 cc++ 623.14 435.82
24 0-1000 cc 959.84 585.20
24 1001-1400 cc 975.24 600.60
24 1401-1700 cc 1013.74 639.10
24 1701-2000 cc 1067.64 693.00
24 2001-3000 cc 1106.14 731.50
24 3001 cc++ 1190.84 816.20
Extended warranty period Cubature 3 STAR
6 0-3000 cc++ 339.78
12 0-3000 cc++ 487.20

Download Tauf-Auto’s inspection report for the extended warranty:


Terms and conditions for the extended warranty on units listed by Tauf-Auto AS.


Dear Client,

These terms and conditions contain important information regarding the extended warranty of your vehicle. For your maximum benefit, we recommend reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. The warranty covers the spare part and working time costs required to eliminate malfunctions of the parts listed in the terms and conditions.
We are positive that you will enjoy kilometres of problem-free rides! In case an unexpected mechanical or electrical malfunction should occur, we accept all the warranty requirements specified within this warranty.

In order to ensure fast and efficient service, submit the warranty card, maintenance file and other documents, if required.


The extended warranty enters into force on the date specified in the warranty card and remains valid for the period specified in the warranty card.

In addition to Estonia, the extended warranty is valid in the following European countries:
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, the Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey (the part in Europe), the United Kingdom and Serbia and Montenegro
Extended warranty covers the listed mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle in the event of unexpected technical or electrical failures. Extended warranty only applies to the parts listed below:


Rocker arm unit, including hydraulic lifters, inlet and outlet valves (excluding burned), springs and guide bushes, cylinder head (except for cracks or coking), cylinder head gasket and front valve cover gasket (excluding sagging), pushrods, camshafts and reverse thrusters, timing gears, belts and chains, oil pump, pistons and piston rings, cylinder sleeves, connecting rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, crankshaft and its bearings, intake manifold, flywheel and tooth belt, the engine mountings and engine wiring harness.

Timing belts

Timing belts are covered by warranty, if they have been replaced according to the replacement interval stipulated by the factory (be prepared to prove it, if necessary).

Manual-shift gearbox

Malfunction of the following internal mechanical parts: transmissions, synchronizer rings, shift mechanism sliders and shafts, bearings and bushings, final drives.

Automatic-shift gearbox

Malfunction of the following internal mechanical parts: shafts, gear transmissions, clutches, brake bands, control valve block, speed limiting device, oil pump, bearings and bushings, epicyclic gear train, towing gears, transmissions and governor.

DSG gearbox

Malfunction of the following internal mechanical parts: transmissions, synchronizer rings, shift mechanism sliders and shafts, bearings and bushings, final drives, clutches (except for wear and tear), control valve block, oil pump.

Continuously variable transmission gearbox CTX

Failure of internal mechanical parts, including clutches, epicyclic gear trains, reduction gears, shafts, variable speed pulleys, transport elements (chains), internal seals, bearings and bushings.

Hydraulic torque converter

Malfunction of any internal mechanical parts.


Spur gear and pin wheel, gearing, shafts, bearings and bushings, shim washers and flanges.

Front-wheel drive

Wheel bearings (only drive axle), drive shafts, including constant-velocity joints, Hooke’s joints and sleeves (except for their covers).

Rear-wheel drive

Semiaxis, rear-wheel drive shafts, including constant-velocity joints, Hooke’s joints and sleeves (except for their covers).

Wheel bearings

Wheel bearings (only drive axle), semiaxis.


The turbo is covered by warrantly only if installed at the factory as new.

Four-wheel drive

Covered similarly to the front- and rear-wheel drive described above.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

The anti-lock braking systems installed by the manufacturer are covered by warranty. (Except for wiring harness and connection malfunctions.)


Cardan malfunction, including that of Hooke’s joints and sleeves.

Cooling system

Engine oil cooler, engine temperature sensor, engine thermostat, expansion tank, heating panel, radiator, thermostat housing, fan torque converter and coolant pump.

Fuel system (petrol)

Fuel injection engines: air consumption meter, draught diverter, fuel injection pump, fuel pressure regulator, idle control valve and probe. (Except for nozzles, wiring, piping, connections, fuel tank and fuel filters.)

Fuel system (diesel)

Malfunction of the following special diesel components: pressure relief valve, brake vacuum pump, cold-start system, fuel injection pump, fuel supply pump, glow plug relay, high-pressure sensor, hydraulic/electric timing mechanism, low-pressure supply pump, manifold auxiliary pressure compensator, pump turn-on and shut-off mechanism. (Except for fuel pipes, nozzles, glow plugs, fuel injection timing adjustments, calibration, failing bench and emission tests.)

Fuel system (factory-installed compressed gas device CNG)

Pressure relief valve, shut-off valve (safety valve), check valve.

Air conditioner (factory-installed)

Air-conditioning compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, liquid tank, control unit switch, the blower resistor and air-conditioning pipes.

Steering system (including the power-steering steering system)

Steering rack and gear (not covers), steering gearbox, power-steering bar and the pump, small pipe of the power-steering pump, power-steering tank and pendulum lever (not covers).

Front and rear suspension

Helical Springs, upper and lower swing arms, ball joints and swivel joints, upper control arms and hydraulic bearings for lower control arms.

Pneumatic suspension (covered by warranty only if indicated in the warranty card)

Air springs, control valves, force pump.

Brake system

Master cylinder, brake power regulator, brake vacuum pump, brake callipers and vacuum booster. (Except for corroded or jammed parts.)

Electrical system

Starter motor and coils, including pull and plunger mechanisms, a generator, ignition coils, window lifts and sliding roof engines, central lock, compartment ventilator engine, electric sliding roof engine/switch, indicator relay, front and rear wind-shield wiper and washer engines, electronic ignition amplifier, ASR control unit, fuel tank level sensor, ignition system control unit, glow plug relay (DERV), ASR actuator, closure aid pump, rear sun-blind engine, window lifts, vacuum pump and auxiliary ventilators.
(Except for the whole wiring, alarm systems, in-car entertainment system, antennas, car phones and in-car navigation equipment).

Engine control unit ECU

Contains all electronic controllers.


Clutch disk, clutch cable, the clutch damping devices, master cylinder, clutch basket, suppressor, compensation mechanism and slave cylinder. (Except for wear and tear.)


Direct mechanical or electrical damages in the part covered by warranty to the housings and the mechanical and electrical parts will be compensated.


Consumables, such as oils, filters and coolant are covered, if their replacement is necessary due to the mechanical breakage of a mechanical part covered by the insurance cover.
Extended warranty is valid only if all scheduled maintenance works, as well as repair works at Tauf-Auto AS or the official representation of the vehicle have been carried out on the vehicle according to the factory requirements throughout the whole factory warranty and/or extended warranty period.



  1. Warranty claims are not accepted if malfunctions are reported later than 7 days as of its discovery.
  2. The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
    – when used as short-term rental cars, vehicles engaged in emergency response or taxi;
    – when used for racing or in another way, except for vehicles used for competitions;
    – non-standard or modified vehicles.
  3. The warranty shall expire, if scheduled maintenance works stipulated by the factory have not been performed or these have not been performed in a timely manner (the deadline is permitted to be exceeded by a maximum of 1 month and/or 1,500 km)
  4. The warranty does not cover issues/damages caused by the following reasons:

    – natural wear, rust
    – fluid leaks
    – any foreign bodies inside or on top of a machine part,
    – overheating, freezing,
    – inappropriate use of the vehicle, negligence

  5. The warranty does not cover issues/damages caused by the following reasons: consequences of repair works carried out incorrectly or poorly, incorrectly installed machine parts, incorrectly or poorly manufactured or developed machine parts, machine parts not installed by the factory as standard equipment or accessories
  6. The warranty does not cover damage caused by fire or a traffic accident, regardless of whether they are covered by vehicle insurance or non-life insurance or not. The warranty does not cover third parties or physical injury.
  7. The warranty does not cover damages caused by flood, acts of war, supersonic speed shock wave or nuclear radiation.

Submitting a claim in Estonia
If your vehicle malfunctions, please contact Tauf-Auto AS. If that is not possible, contact the nearest authorized dealer. Ask the sales assistant to identify the malfunction. If repair works of the malfunction are not covered by this contract, you are obligated to cover the vehicle disassembly and repair costs.
If your vehicle malfunctions outside of Estonia, please transport your vehicle to the nearest authorised representative. Ask the representative to identify the cause of malfunction and cost of its elimination. You must initially cover the costs yourself. Ask the representative to enter Tauf-Auto AS as the buyer on the invoice. When returning to the country, where the vehicle was purchased, please submit the invoice and the accompanying documents to Tauf-Auto AS and you shall be compensated for reasonable costs in accordance with the price lists of Tauf-Auto AS.
Handing over the extended warranty
The extended warranty is related to your vehicle and raises its value for the new owner, if you decide to sell it. Ensure that all documents related to the warranty are handed over to the new owner.
The new owner must notify Tauf-Auto AS of the transfer of the extended warranty as soon as possible to enter its details in the warranty card as the vehicle owner and for the extended warranty to remain in force.